Bad is Good

Getting positive reviews for your book is important. But most people won’t trust a book with only good reviews. A negative review (if done right!) can tip the scales and close the sale. Its mere existence lends credibility to the positive reviews, and it can even deter “real” negative reviews that harm sales.

We can help

We write crazy, off-topic, ridiculous one-star book reviews that actually boost sales

Extended studies prove 1 star reviews boost book sales

We’ve been experimenting with this book-selling review hack for years and have got it down to a precise science. It’s tricky to write one star reviews that avoid making any genuine critique of the book, and instead push browsers towards making a purchase. But we’ve figured it all out.


Five star reviews only


Four and Five Star Reviews


A bunch of super positive reviews, and super negative reviews


Mostly positive reviews with one idiotic 1 star review


Mostly negative reviews


Why it works

Readers don’t take the positive reviews too seriously. They’ll skim down and read the negative reviews, which seem more genuine and trustworthy. If your positive comments are too glowing, leading readers to have false expectations, they’ll feel tricked and post a negative review. But adding a 1-star, negative review by a complete moron, who’s obviously a mean little troll, will destroy the credibility of all the other negative reviews (while also boosting the trustworthiness of the positive reviews).

In addition, if a book has only positive reviews, a dissatisfied reader may feel duty-bound to warn others that the book really wasn’t so great. But if they see another negative review already posted (especially a really mean, angry one that is arbitrary and nonsensical), their own ire will be defused. They won’t want to be associated with that other jerk, so instead of leaving their own angry 1-star review, they’ll reflect and give a more balanced, perhaps 2 or 3 star review.

Our Team

Amazon frowns on paid book reviews, even negative ones, so we have to stay anonymous by using lots of different names and accounts and doing a lot of “normal” reviews as well. But this is how we’d like  you to imagine us…

Mike Ruth

Jigsaw puzzle champion

Orma Wayne

Pewter Figurine Collector

Peter Wisman

Plays with 3D models

Janice Easton

Parking Attendant

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How it works

Have a little fun with us


Obviously this shouldn’t be your main book marketing strategy, and success will depend mostly on your book, your cover and your other reviews. But if those are all awesome, this may give you a slight edge.


We’re not sure yet if this website is completely facetious, or whether our service will in time become recognized and valued. We think it’s a cool idea, so let’s try it out together and see what happens.


We believe you will see a noticeable improvement in book sales. And if you don’t and change your mind, just ask us to delete the review.


We think the idea of paid, 1-star book reviews is funny; and we hope the controversy will bring a lot of shares and traffic. Making a site with any kind of traction is a big deal, and we think we’ve got a shot.


Funny negative reviews are trending right now. If we do our job well, your negative reviews will be fascinating and crazy enough to draw some attention of their own.


So why not try it out and see what happens? Just pay and send a link to your book on Amazon.


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Many of our clients told us they’d feel more comfortable also getting some positive reviews, so we’ve set up three packages. Our positive reviews won’t be the fluffy, rhapsodical sort that are automatically discounted by readers. We’ll make sure they’re believable – they may sound less positive and more critical, but they’ll help sell the book.

The 1-Star Review


  • The Classic One-Star Review
  • Controversial and Unique. Totally irrelevant.
  • Verified Purchase
  • Boost Sales
  • Discourage Bad Reviews
  • Improve trust

The Mixed Bag


  • 1-star + 3-star + 5-star (3 reviews)
  • Controversial, Slightly Truthful, Glowing
  • Verified Purchase
  • Boost Sales
  • Discourage Bad Reviews
  • Improve trust

The Review Bomb


  • 1-star + 3-star + three 5-stars (5 reviews)
  • Controversial, Slightly Truthful, Glowing
  • Verified Purchase
  • Boost Sales
  • Discourage Bad Reviews
  • Improve trust

Sell More Books

We don’t believe paid book reviews are necessarily dishonest; we won’t flat out lie for you. Even our 5-star positive reviews will be fair and critical if necessary. We don’t want to mislead anybody. Our reviews are carefully designed to work in synergy and hit psychological buttons that will help overcome buyer resistance. But we also want to steer reader expectation truthfully so that they aren’t disappointed by the content.

We Know It’s Controversial

But desperate indie authors need a way to get reviews up quickly, before they start doing any serious marketing. Unbelievably positive reviews from friends and family just won’t cut it; readers need to see some fair, balanced and even critical reviews before they will feel comfortable buying the book.


Questions? Get in touch with us.

Paid book reviews, although a convenient way to launch your book with some kick and save a lot of time and frustration, are still frowned upon. So we reserve the right to be a little cloak and dagger. To make sure our reviews don’t get taken down, and that our clients don’t get accused of dubious book promotion strategies, we can’t be totally transparent about who we are.

If you’ve already paid for reviews, just use this form to send us the book title and author name.

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